Troop 149 Listserv Guidelines

Guidelines for the Use of T149-L

Some subscribers on the T149-L list have expressed concern over the volume of email. Their concerns stem from the use of computers and email accounts at their workplaces. There are also a few who just do not like a lot of email, but feel that they need to remain on T149-L to be informed about troop activities.

Many Listserv lists have stringent rules for use. Some even require posts be sent to a moderator for approval before the post is released to the list. Overbearing restrictions can stifle open communications and lead to an inactive, useless list.

Our goal is to keep the volume of our email to a reasonably low level while fostering appropriate communication for the good of the Troop.

These simple guidelines can reduce the volume of email:

  • Posts should directly relate to the troop or scouting.
  • Use the subject line so people can delete the email without reading it if the topic is of no interest to them.
  • Email to an individual should be directed to that individual’s personal email account unless the information is of general interest.
  • Do not include the entire text of the original email in your replies.
  • Use plain text instead of word processing, HTML or other heavily formatted files.
  • Do not send graphics files to the list. There are a couple of other ways to provide this type information. Graphics can be sent to the webmaster for the troop web site. You can also post an email to the list asking who would like a copy individually emailed to them. Finally, you could post photos to a Cloud storage site, like Dropbox, and send a link to the listserv.

These are guidelines. They are not rules. Not every subscriber on the list will be able to comply with every guideline – due to software restrictions or a lack of understanding. However, if we all do our best, we can reduce volume without sacrificing the functionality of our list.